Interview with Rishi Alwani

Dr Souvik Mukherjee and Mr. Riko Banerjee had the wonderful opportunity to interview Mr. Rishi Alwani, a veteran gaming journalist who is currently an Editor at IGN India. The interview was a part of a series of podcasts, named First Person Encounters, hosted by Game Studies India, where we talk with veterans of the gamingContinue reading “Interview with Rishi Alwani”

First Person Encounters: Dhruv Jani

This podcast has Souvik Kar and Aritro Bhattacharya of Games Studies India Adda in conversation with Dhruv Jani, game maker and founder of Studio Oleomingus, a small, independent game and arts studio, based in Chala, India. Studio Oleomingus’ Somewhere Franchise of games, involving interactive digital storytelling and postmodernist graphic art, declares its goal as anContinue reading “First Person Encounters: Dhruv Jani”