Congratulations to Hiranya Mukherjee from the DiGRA India team!

The DiGRA India team extends its heartiest congratulations to community member Hiranya Mukherjee on the publication of his article “‘Fear the Old Blood’: The Gothicism of Bloodborne” in the journal Games and Culture. Hiranya has been a member of our community ever since it was Games Studies India, almost all the way back to itsContinue reading “Congratulations to Hiranya Mukherjee from the DiGRA India team!”

The Crafted Knit

[The following post is Abhishek K.’s runners-up entry for the 2022 Blog article writing competition organized by DiGRA India] Is time a chain? Bound by its physicality, its inevitable aches and sorrows, not having time to rest, or more crucially, play. A shame, and seemingly, there’s nothing to be done about it. Time’s there toContinue reading “The Crafted Knit”