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IGN is an American video game and entertainment media website operated by IGN Entertainment Inc., a subsidiary of Ziff Davis, itself wholly owned by j2 Global. IGN India provides up-to-date news on the gaming industry and gaming culture in India

Founded in June 2019, The Mako Reactor started out as a publication focussed on Japanese games and developers. Their aim is to highlight games and developers from Japan through interviews, breaking news, features, and more.  The Mako Reactor is maintained by Rishi Alwani, Mikhail Madnani and Preshit Deorukkhar.

The research blog of Dr Souvik Mukherjee, who has been researching Game Studies for over two decades.

Games Studies Journals


Game Studies is the oldest and one of the most prestigious journals on videogames research. Games Studies is open-access and non-profit. “Our primary focus is aesthetic, cultural and communicative aspects of computer games, but any previously unpublished article focused on games and gaming is welcome. Proposed articles should be jargon-free, and should attempt to shed new light on games, rather than simply use games as metaphor or illustration of some other theory or phenomenon”

Press Start is an open access, peer-reviewed student journal that publishes the best undergraduate and (post)graduate research from across the multidisciplinary subject of Game Studies. The Editorial Board and Reviewers are comprised of students and recent graduates.

“The articles we publish encourage players—be them developers, scholars, critics, or enthusiasts—to consider alternatives to popular interpretations of games,  game play, and games culture. […] This means that we are especially interested in submissions from people of color, queer folks, women, and non-binary individuals.” FPS is open-access.

Gamevironments is hosted at the University of Bremen, Germany. The journal is an international and multidisciplinary collaboration effort by the two editors-in-chief, Kerstin Radde-Antweiler from the University of Bremen in Germany and Xenia Zeiler from the University of Helsinki in Finland.

Games and Culture peer-reviewed and published quarterly, is an international journal that promotes innovative theoretical and empirical research about games and culture within interactive media. The journal serves as a premiere outlet for ground-breaking work in the field of game studies and its scope includes the socio-cultural, political, and economic dimensions of gaming from a wide variety of perspectives.

For more than five decades, Simulation & Gaming (S&G): An Interdisciplinary Journal of Theory, Practice and Research has served as a leading international forum for the exploration and development of simulation/gaming methodologies used in education, training, consultation, and research. Published bi-monthly, S&G appraises academic and applied issues.


Rock, Paper, Shotgun: “PC Gaming since 1873”.

Gaming reviews and news.