Talk by Afrah Shafiq on May 20 at 7 p.m. IST

Title: your game is a game if you say so

The title of this talk quotes point number two of a thirty five point manifesto on mindful game design by Claudia Molinari-Ivanović of independent game design studio We Are Müesli and has served as both a mantra and a clue to me over the past two years as I worked on my recently completed narrative “game” Nobody Knows For Certain. In this talk I would like to share some of my interactive work over the past few years to think through what it means to play outside of winning and losing, and how the game form lends itself to narratives and archives, offering a place for abstraction and exploration.

About Speaker: Afrah Shafiq is a multi/new media artist based out of Goa, India. Using the process of research as an artistic playground, Afrah intertwines archival findings, history, memory, folklore and fantasy to create a speculative world born of remix culture. Her work moves across various mediums drawing from the handmade language of traditional folk forms and connecting them to the digital language of the Internet and video games.

Her work has been included in the 2023 Dhaka Art Summit, 2nd Lahore, 4th Kochi- Muziris and the 8th Asian Art biennales besides other exhibitions in India and abroad.

Link to the talk:

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