Talk by Malay Dhamelia, 17 September 2022 @ 7 p.m IST

Title: Designing fun: Viewing Gameplay as a Design Form

What exists when we remove fun from the games?

In this talk, I will take you through an experiment where we asked players of board games to modify one (only one) game rule to remove fun from the gameplay. The answer to the above question is fairly imaginable and simple–it becomes a set of tasks, but, the learnings from this experiment have wider implications.

We get insights on how should design research approach game analysis? How could we study gameplay experiences from a design research viewpoint? And lastly, how do we as players think when we play is explicated through the experiment. Excited to see you all and receive thoughts on this experiments.

Malay was awarded the DiGRA Solidarity Fund to attend the DiGRA Conference in Krakow in 2022

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