Talk by Lobna Hassan on Saturday 18 June 2022 @ 7 p.m. Indian time

Title: Game Accessibility: Where We Are & Where We Need to Go!

There are approximately 2.5-3 billion gamers in the world, i.e., half the world’s population – excluding users of gamification, serious games, educational games, etc., who might not all play games. Of these , at least a third experiences a disability, or a body different from that of the “ideal gamer”, and hence experience unnecessary barrier to their use of game technologies. This threatens to exclude a large number of people – many of us really as we age – from game-related space that not only offer entertainment, but also socialization, education, culture, and much more! In this talk, I will briefly explore what game accessibility is, who it benefits, some of its key guidelines, as well as what we need to research and develop next to ensure a gaming world without inclusion barrier. This discussion is based on an extensive, systematic literature study, as well as findings from on going research with people with disabilities and game developers.

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