Sampad Banerjee on “Where can I get that game?” Preservation of Videogames and Why it Matters


“Where can I get that game?” Preservation of Videogames and Why it Matters

Time: 16th April 7 p.m Indian Standard Time


This talk aims to focus on the aspect of the preservation of video games in current years. While other forms of media are actively curated and taken care of by the respective societies and distribution houses, video games on large are still neglected when it comes to preserving them for future generations to explore.

Most of this talk focuses on the history of some of the well-sought titles which are out of reach of the common gaming crowd because of lack of preservation, the reasons for the same, why major publishing houses generally avoid preserving their old titles, and how this can affect the media form down the line, and steps to prevent it.Bio-Note

Hello, my name is Sampad Banerjee, and I am a 24-year-old gamer who spends his time obsessing over RPGs, fighting games, and hack n’ slash games in unhealthy amounts, with SEGA’s Yakuza and Capcom’s Devil May Cry being my all-time favorites. I am a BCA grad and have actively participated in local gaming events as a volunteer, while also occasionally cosplaying in them. In my free time, I am mostly hyping up the random indie projects over at my Twitter @Only_Redacted.

I currently write, interview developers and publishers, and review video games for and, with being one of my bylines where I used to cover gaming news.

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