How to spot game’s nationality (and why it matters) – Tomasz Z. Majkowski

Date: 18th December, Time: 7 p.m Indian Standard Time.

On the glance, the issue is straightforward: the relationship between digital game and national culture is based on design team’s location. It is, therefore, easy to spot Polish, Norwegian or Korean game: those are produced in their respective countries, according to local laws and regulations. This simplified picture seems to be far more complicated, though, with global game circulation, free movement of specialists, international acquisitions of development studios and the notorious subcontracting various aspects of the design abroad, in search for cheaper workforce. Reducing relationship between games culture and national culture to the production is also overly reductive, as there is plethora of other factors: cultural, artistic, and ideological, shaping the final product and its reception among players. During the talk, I wish to discuss various facets of the interaction between national cultures and the global medium of digital games, trying to pinpoint the importance of such research perspective in the contemporary world or nationalism reborn as mainstream policy.

Tomasz Z. Majkowski a game and culture scholar at Jagiellonian University in Krakow. His research interests are dominated by triangulating digital games vis-à-vis older cultural phenomena to reveal the way new medium conserve and transform pre-existing ideological structures. His current research project is to analyze relationship between digital game cultures and the ideology if the nation-state.

The talk will happen online:

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