Our second keynote is by Poonam Chowdhury and Zahra Rizvi

We are happy to introduce our second keynote lecture by Poonam and Zahra, both of whom are PhD scholars from India working on videogames. This promises to be exciting!

Poonam Chowdhury (she/her) is a PhD student at the Indian and World Literatures Department, English and Foreign Languages University in Hyderabad, India. Her research interests include mindful gaming, indie video games, empathy and play, game-spaces, gender issues in video games, and slow gaming. She is a founding-member of the newly formed Indian chapter of Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA), formerly known as Game Studies India Adda Initiative. She is also one of the two diversity officers and finance officers here. She also leads the Special Interest Group on Computational Humanities and Computational Analytics for Digital Humanities Alliance for Research and Teaching Innovations (DHARTI). 

Zahra Rizvi will speak on the political ecology of select Indian gamescapes/gameworlds through a discussion of technics and time. The interiorization of pop culture images of India in the popular imagination often works in tandem with the exteriorization of an ‘Indianness’ which is brought about by an extended network of strategies constructing a forever present of India that is consumed but not nearly enough contributed to. Rizvi will examine how gaming as an activity of intervention offers prosthesis or a ‘positive externality’, and what it means to have a space like DiGRA India, which works on what Stiegler calls “an economy of contribution” as a means of creating and sharing value, against the otherwise looming political eco(logy/nomy) of Indian gamescapes/gameworlds.

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