Video Game Development in India: A Cultural and Creative Industry Embracing Regional Cultural Heritage(s)

Congratulations to our Board Member Dr. Souvik Mukherjee (The Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Kolkata, India) who recently co-authored an article with Dr. Xenia Zeiler (University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland) titled “Video Game Development in India: A Cultural and Creative Industry Embracing Regional Cultural Heritage(s)”. The article was published in the journal Games and Culture, September 24, 2021.

Link to the article:


Game development and production practices are complex and highly reflected processes—worldwide. This explorative article discusses video game development as a cultural and creative industry in India, including the industry’s history and introducing recent trends which indicate profound transformations—the use and implementation of Indian cultural heritage in game settings. In the rather short history of Indian game development as compared to other countries—a significant number of games made in India first were produced around 2010—the industry has already lived through big changes and challenges. This article aims at introducing Indian game development and argues that especially independent (so-called indie) game studios in their search for their own, region-specific game development and stand-alone characteristics for Indian games increasingly turn to what they perceive as their own cultural heritage, including, for example, elements from history, art (music, dance, dress styles, and others), and architecture.


video games India, cultural heritage, cultural and creative industries, video game development, indie games

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