DiGRA India Conference 2021 – Call for Papers

Games, Culture(s) and India: Dispatches from a Playful Subcontinent

The DiGRA India 2021 conference welcomes papers about games and cultures focusing on but not restricted to India and the Indian Subcontinent. While we are interested in digital games in the main, we will also consider submissions on other games, relating to but again not restricted to the following subthemes:

  • – Philosophy in games
  • – Narrative Design
  • – Postcolonialism
  • – Power relations
  • – Representation and Identity
  • – Diversity and Gender in video games
  • – Games Studies in India
  • – Politics and Games
  • – Games and the Indian Classical tradition/history
  • – Ludic Literature in the Subcontinent
  • – Toxicity and Violence
  • – Games of Empire
  • – Gaming subcultures
  • – Games and Pedagogy
  • – Legal Aspects of Gaming
  • – Pandemic and Games
  • – Games and Storytelling 
  • – Games and Fashion 
  • – Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  • – Games and Fandom

We invite abstracts of about two hundred to three hundred words and including three to five keywords to be sent via our Google form https://forms.gle/vfZJhWMSDTiqsZxs7 on or before 24th September, 2021. The conference will be held virtually from 20-21st November, 2021. 

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