Ecogames 2021 Conference

Dear colleagues,

Next week – on Tuesday 12 October and Wednesday 13 October – we are organizing the Ecogames 2021 conference as part of the Pathways to Sustainability Conference Week Making Change Happen:

If you are interested in attending our conference in person (the whole day or a specific time slot), please fill in this google form: We will get back to you with more information.

You can attend the conference online using the following URLs:
– Tuesday 12th October:
– Wednesday 13th October:

Ecogames 2021 Conference

With the climate crisis and its short-term repercussions becoming more and more ‘tangible,’ videogames are increasingly participating in the production, circulation, and questioning of environmental assumptions. Whether they are providing new spaces to practice alternative ways of living, or reproducing ecomodernist fantasies, videogames as well as player cultures are increasingly tuned in to the most pressing environmental concerns. The Ecogames 2021 conference builds on the growing body of scholarship that explores this phenomenon and aims to situate it within the field of the environmental humanities and, more specifically, green media studies, moving beyond its initial focus on environmental cinema, documentaries, and television.

Best wishes, Joost

Prof. dr. Joost Raessens | Professor and Chair of Media Theory | Faculty of Humanities | Utrecht University | Muntstraat 2A | Room 2.09 | NL-3512 EV Utrecht | T +31 30 253 6270 / +31 611 340 241 | F +31 30 253 6167 | | | | | | |

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