Talk by Poonam Chowdhury: ‘Journey and the Art of Aesthetic Storytelling’

Thatgamecompany’s ‘Journey’ (2012) is a videogame like no other. This serene atmospheric game came out at a time when fast-paced, aggressive, AAA games were (and still are) the norm. Soon after the game’s release in 2012, thatgamecompany’s courage and hard work started getting the appreciation it deserved. ‘Journey’ has won several ‘Game of the Year’ awards and received several other awards and nominations, including a ‘Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media’ nomination for the 2013 Grammy Awards.For this Game Studies India Adda Talk, I will be discussing (read: gushing over) this game’s brilliant visual and auditory art, wordless storytelling techniques, and one-of-a-kind multiplayer experience. Please join me on this talk and let’s take a ‘journey’ like no other. Pun intended. Thank you and I hope you all have a wonderful new year. 🙂Here’s the game trailer:

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