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Talk by Zain Memon on 29 October, ‘Story, Mood & Progression – Telling stories through Tabletop games.’

Story, Mood & Progression – Telling stories through Tabletop games. Gaming is the most powerful interactive medium at our disposal, with limitless potential for storytelling. Even as video games are telling increasingly ambitious tales, narrative remains woefully underutilized in board gaming. As a storyteller across mediums, with deep experience in film, VR, and ludology, Zain…

DiGRA India Conference 2022

We are currently accepting abstracts for work-in-progress papers until 15th October, 2022. We are happy to announce the return of the DiGRA India Conference for this year! This time the theme is: Videogames, Science Fiction and India. Call For Papers: Following the recent spurt of activity around Indian Science Fiction or Speculative Fiction, a genre…

Talk by Malay Dhamelia, 17 September 2022 @ 7 p.m IST

Title: Designing fun: Viewing Gameplay as a Design Form What exists when we remove fun from the games? In this talk, I will take you through an experiment where we asked players of board games to modify one (only one) game rule to remove fun from the gameplay. The answer to the above question is…