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Talk by Afrah Shafiq on May 20 at 7 p.m. IST

Title: your game is a game if you say soThe title of this talk quotes point number two of a thirty five point manifesto on mindful game design by Claudia Molinari-Ivanović of independent game design studio We Are Müesli and has served as both a mantra and a clue to me over the past two years as I worked…

Congratulations to Hiranya Mukherjee from the DiGRA India team!

The DiGRA India team extends its heartiest congratulations to community member Hiranya Mukherjee on the publication of his article “‘Fear the Old Blood’: The Gothicism of Bloodborne” in the journal Games and Culture. Hiranya has been a member of our community ever since it was Games Studies India, almost all the way back to its…

Talk by Zain Memon on 29 October, ‘Story, Mood & Progression – Telling stories through Tabletop games.’

Story, Mood & Progression – Telling stories through Tabletop games. Gaming is the most powerful interactive medium at our disposal, with limitless potential for storytelling. Even as video games are telling increasingly ambitious tales, narrative remains woefully underutilized in board gaming. As a storyteller across mediums, with deep experience in film, VR, and ludology, Zain…